It’s Not Dada, It’s Nada

To clarify, the overwhelming evidence points to me. I didn’t apply for the job, at least not officially. Never in my right mind did I imagine that all the data points single me out as the one I have slowly, experience over experience, i watched the evidence like silver coins accumulate, combine, compound, countermand every decent notion I once held.

Spit had wormed to just inches from my face. She was not going to allow me to let her go this easily. I wasn’t born yesterday’s news, but those twelve ducks on the pond had already trained their sights on more hefty flights than the billing I was willing to foot, and she was now triggered by some privilege I was supposedly exploiting in hanging myself without rope, belt, or divisibilty by zero. Yes, it is freewill. Tradition has emphatically moved on past the little cat’s paw. Left us with many fine axioms but few backwaters that are still navigable. Of course the man named Christ was just a good Jewish boy who maxed out his merit badge sash, but disappointed many fair soldiers, nevertheless. The street sweeps wouldn’t have it any other way. But somebody needs to abolish that cancel culture. Just don’t neglect to sign off on the tar and feather treatment for old JP Sartre before the festivities die down. This silliness will leave stains.

The wind of the people has blown another lead.

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